3 Mar 2013

Ladybugs nails

Hi girls!

Outside is spring, the weather is becoming more beautiful, so it's time to present to you a french manicure with ladybugs. It is a happy and colorful manicure that suits the beautiful weather outside.

 For this model you need: nail polishes (colorless, green, white, red, yellow and black), some green glitter, an dots instrument and a fan brush.
Step 1: Apply one layer with base-coat (optional)
Step 2: Make a simple french manicure with the green polish like in image below.
Step 3: Apply one layer with the colorless polish and after that put your nail in the box with glitter. After that, use the fan brush to remove the excess glitter.
Step 4: With the dots instrument make a red dot on every nail.
Step 5: With the black polish paint the head of ladybug and the central line on the wings.
Step 6: Also with the black polish make the legs and the antennas.
Step 7: With the white polish make three petals and with yellow one paint a dot at the base of the petals.
I hope you enjoyed this model nails!

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