11 Apr 2013

Ladybugs nails

Since outside is so cold, I thought that I can reduce the cold feeling by making a new joyful design with small ladybugs and flowers.

For this model you will need: a white polish, a red one and a black one, and of course a dots instrument and a brush.

Step 1: Apply a base coat layer

Step 2: Make a simple white and red french manicure like in the image bellow.

Step 3: draw small red flowers using the dots instrument. 

Step 4: using the dots instrument make two red dots like in the picture bellow.

Step 5: with a soft brush draw the ladybug legs and some small dots on the back, with the black polish and the eyes with white polish.  

Step 6: apply one layer of top-coat. These will intensify the brightness of the nail.

Thanks’ for watching!

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